The following important information will help your transition to self employment run more smoothly. As always our SICAP Enterprise Development Officer in the CLDC is available to support you.

1. You must continue to sign on and collect your payment from the Post Office until you have received notification from Dept. of Employment Affairs and Social Protection that your application has been approved and your payment has been changed to BTWEA or STEA.

2. You must not take up self-employment until you have received written approval from the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection of your application.

3. You must ensure you take out appropriate insurances – e.g. Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, Product Liability, Employer’s Liability.

4. You must adhere to all legislation and regulations in relation to your proposed business.

5. You should be informed of and adhere to Health, Safety and Welfare at Work Act (regulations) download free Safety Statement.

6. You should have appropriate and valid training and qualifications to allow you to carry out your work and provide documented evidence of your qualifications prior to your application being submitted. This may include training such as HACCP or Safe Pass.



If you would like more information or to discuss our business supports please contact the SICP team on +353 65 686 6800 or email


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