Self Employment Enterprise Supports

What we offer

CLDC delivers supports to help you start your enterprise under its Social Inclusion and Community Activation Programme (SICAP).
We will encourage you to focus on their strengths and will help identify next steps to developing your enterprise
We can support you in:
• The development of your initial business idea
• Identifying dangers and pitfalls to starting your business
• Taking your product or service to market

What you get

After you receive supports you will be better able to develop your business by:
• Making a full business plan
• Making a strong application for either the Back to Work Enterprise allowance BTWEA or the Short Term Enterprise allowance STEA
• Support with Networking with other business start-ups,
• Attending a Start your own business training course
• Expert advice and mentoring on a specific area of your business

Do you qualify for supports?

Are you in receipt of a Social Welfare Payment?
Are you thinking of starting your own business?
Do you have a business idea?

If you have answered yes to these questions, CLDC may be able to help you.

Services we offer

Back to Work Enterprise Allowance

This is a two year scheme with 100% entitlement in year one and 75% in year two.

Short Term Enterprise Allowance

This is paid instead of your Job Seeker’s benefit for a maximum of 9 months.


One to one mentoring support in any area of your business.

Training for Enterprise

We provide a wide range of training to our enterprise clients.

Additional Supports

The Application Process

We may be able to help you if you are in receipt of a Social Welfare payment and thinking of starting your own business.

Go to your Social Welfare office in Ennis and notify them that you want to apply for the Back to Work allowance.
They will refer you back to CLDC for help with the application.
We offer support to help you apply for the BTWEA or the STEA.

At any point in this process if you are unsure of anything please contact one of the SICAP team within CLDC and we will be happy to guide you through the steps to apply for either allowance if we can. We will let you know any important information that will help your transition to self employment run smoothly.


Forms & Business Plans

We offer support to help you complete your Enterprise Allowance form. We also provide advice and guidance on completing your Business Plan.

You can download the Business Plan template here.




If you would like more information or to discuss our business supports please contact the SICP team on +353 65 686 6800 or email


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